These artificial decorative rock covers are designed to cover utilities and other eye sores in your yard from electrical boxes and phone pedestals, to septic tank lids and pipe vents. These rock covers are available in many sizes and are offered in Riverbed Brown or Fieldstone Grey to be sure they blend in with the surrounding landscape.
Enjoy stylish wall art as the smartest solution to hide an electrical panel box in your house. Easily cover a fuse board in your home with bright canvas. Choose right or left Push & Pull option to decide which way the picture will move. Hang the wall art right on the site of alarm panel or fuse box to fill your home with style and comfort.
ELECTRICAL PANELS: We have a large assortment of Zinsco, Sylvania, and Challenger bus bars, dead front covers, and meter parts. We also carry all of the replacement circuit breakers for these panels. We have circuit breaker testing capability thru 200 Amp. We are a newly formed company, so our inventory is growing daily.
Covers fit all competitive flanged inlets and outlets. Pre-attached gaskets for easy installation and tight seal to panel or weatherproof box — with no misaligned or collapsed gaskets.